Search Marketing Strategy

What is Search Marketing Strategy? A set of marketing idea that you want to carry out on your website to get better performance, keeping in mind that people make decisions with their subconscious mind


  • Website Traffic
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click (Display URL should be Unique)
  • Traditional Media


How do you measure performance? Benchmarks tracking code for each marketing channel (Phone Numbers)


  • Organic listing (each Page of the Website without a specific ID – referring URL)
  • Banner Ad
  • Newsletter
  • Press Releases
  • Paid Listing


Think of your website as a storyboard for a movie with the purpose of drawing in qualified traffic


Keeping a journal of changes to the website – date, what was changed, and what we are going to measure


  • Tracked on an excel spread sheets – database for each client
  • Table at Campaign level
  • Table at Key Word Level
  • Table at the Unique Visitors Level
  • Table of the Referral Level


What is the competition doing?


Design makes a difference take into consideration the browser age


Your pay per click ad should contain a snippet of the content on the actual page





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