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Google Search Engine Optimization Tips

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

At The CyberCom our business is focused on helping people follow Google Guidelines and offering client search engine optimization tips to improve their search results.

If you have not had a chance to read Google’s IPO;  rest assure we have read every word of it (including the Playboy Interview with the “Google Guys” and it’s very enlightening.

In my opinion if you really want to understand how Google thinks it is clearly spelled out in this document.

In Google’s initial public offering they state that they are “focused on improving the ways people connect with information…”. Well that simply tells me that “information” should be the focus of every website we build and it is.

There isn’t one word in Google Guideline about Graphic Design, and I found that quite interesting because 9 out of 10 people that I talk to about a new website they are always asking me about “graphic design”. To my mind your website is not about design but information!

As you read further you will find that Google has the world largest online index of websites and “other content”.  If you search Google Images they are separated from the “web” content and there is a very good reason for that - Google is indexing INFORMATION!

The second paragraph in the IPO basically says that Google makes the majority of it’s money by delivering relevant, cost effective advertising.

The Google mission is to “organize the world information” and make it universally acceptable and useful. And this is very important because if you are going to make your money providing information it’s in Google’s best interest to put the best information possible online.

The key word there is “useful” and Google endeavors to put the needs of their uses first and foremost at the top of their priority list. I once heard a Googler say at a seminar that it’s important that website owners’ understand user are “Google’s customers first!”. They go to Google before they go to your website.

Often I get questions about Yahoo, or now Bing, AOL, Ask etc and my standard answer is that Google controls the lions share of the search market and until proven otherwise I’m going to jump on and stay on Google’s band wagon, and for the record generally if it’s good for Google it’s good for other the other search engines. Although now we are starting to see Bing using different strategies but with 11% share of market this just tells me they have a long way to go!

As you read on in the Google documents you will notice that one of their primary objectives is to provide products and services that are useful to the users. At the Cybercom we seek out client that are willing and able to provide useful information and are passionate about their business, otherwise we are wasting your time and ours.

That means that you website need to take into consideration two very critical components. Of course the first one is quality information but more importantly your website needs to be structured, (coded) in such a way that it is easy for Google to read and index.

That is why TheCyberCom has such a high customer retention rate, our sites are easily crawled and we insist on putting relevant information on each page of your site.